There is hardly anyone who would refuse a sweet dessert after an excellent meal. From kids to elders, everyone feels the need to satisfy their sweet tooth. However, eating sweets or desserts on a regular basis is usually not the best course of action for someone who struggles with their health or body weight. Anything that contains increased amounts of sugar is usually not considered the healthiest of meals. But, that doesn't mean we should completely deny ourselves the pleasure of eating some delicious desserts. These top 3 Healthy Deserts will surely satisfy everyone and keep their health in check.

Frozen chocolate banana

Bananas are one of the best ingredients one can use for their desserts. Bananas are a great source of potassium and fiber and also contain significant amounts of vitamins B6 and C. Aside from the health benefits, this dessert also possesses considerable nutritive value. The process of making this dessert is quite simple. A banana needs to be peeled, cut into two halves and then frozen. Once that is done, the two halves need to be dipped or rolled in molten chocolate.

Quick baked pears

Like every other fruit, pears contain almost no fat. This makes them the perfect ingredient for any healthy dessert. This particular dessert is made by topping the pears with dried fruit and granolas. The preparation is quite simple and it takes only around 15 minutes to finish it. Since it contains extremely low fat, one can also add frozen yogurt to it, for example. and not worry about his/her diet plan. 

Chocolate fruit bark

The main ingredient of this dessert is dark chocolate. The main attraction of this one comes from adding various healthy ingredients to it, like cashews, raisins, figs and dark apricots. These ingredients add a healthy amount of fibers and antioxidants while enriching the chocolate's taste and intensity. The making of this dish involves melting dark chocolate and then pouring it over a baking sheet. Once that is done, cashews and dried fruit need to be evenly sprinkled over the molten chocolate. Lastly, the dish needs to be placed in a refrigerator for around 20-25 minutes until chocolate hardens.